Water Management

The objectives of the Water Management Programme are to:

  • Increase water availability by establishing rainwater harvest and underground water (aquifers) recharge structures;
  • Provide awareness and education related to water availability and sustainability in quality and quantity;
  • Involve the local people through voluntary participation, inviting them to take ownership of the projects and understand the value of community development.

Several structures have been established in various villages by Sukh Bhumi: dam, spring catchment and recharge system, rainwater harvest tanks, recharge system for well and bore well.

In the schools, a rainwater harvesting and distribution structure is established to collect rainwater from the roof, store it in a tank and distribute it through taps. The used water is collected to teach the students water recycling. The used water is sent to a small filtration pit where it is filtered, and stored in a small storage pit. It can be then used for cleaning the school’s floors or watering plants in the courtyard.