Adult Education and Farming Training

Our programme of Adult Education and Farming Training in the villages involves women and men willing to make a change to their life.

The activities in villages use the platform of Self-Help Groups and Farming Groups to teach and train in various topics related to village life and income-generating activities:

  • The Self-Help Groups (micro-credit) and Farming Groups help the villagers to get loans from the government for their farming activities.

  • We hold twice a month sessions with a syllabus including theoretical, practical knowledge and training, on vegetable cultivation, rice cultivation, grafting, floriculture, vermicompost, organic farming and livestock.

  • Motivation for establishing vermicompost pits either at group level or individually. The vermicompost is used for vegetable cultivation and excess is sold.

  • Organic farming: training and advice for making and employing organic fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Educational visits to farms and agriculture colleges, aiming at increasing knowledge and expanding the mind, and motivating to adopt new cultivation methods.

  • Kitchen garden: advice is given for cultivating vegetables and medicinal plants around the house, providing a better nutritional level for the families as well as some source of income for the women.

  • Small scale business training: training given to provide additional income. Example: lamp painting training for selling oil lamps during Divali festival.

  • Rotating library: books proposed once a month to villagers, on agriculture and village life, aiming at increase of knowledge and taste for reading.