Tansa River Watershed Project

Sukh Bhumi presently conducts a project in India, in the watershed of the Tansa River (Thane District, Maharashtra).

The area benefits from a high rainfall (2300 mm per year) during the monsoon season (June to September). The remaining part of the year is dry with a hot season reaching up to 45 degrees Celsius (March – May). Located at the tip end of the Western Ghats and beginning of the Deccan Plateau, the area belongs to the “biodiversity hot-spot of the Western Ghats” where a large number of species of plants and animals are endemic and rare. It also serves as water reservoir, collecting run-off from the hills, carried to the lowland and to the Tansa river, with the Tansa lake supplying about 14% of water to Mumbai Municipality. Part of the hills and villages’ surroundings are still forested, with Forest Reserves covered with moist deciduous forest.

This project has a Holistic approach that primarily aims at forest rehabilitation and conservation with addressing the local people’s welfare issues on a sustainable basis because they play a major role in forest degradation. The villagers are mainly tribal people settled as farmers and mostly Below Poverty Level with low level of literacy. It is only when their basic needs are fulfilled that these villagers will be willing and able to sustain the environment. Therefore our activities are addressed to all age-level – children, youth, and farmers – and include natural resources conservation as well as all sectors of village life.

The project’s activities are part of 4 main programmes aiming at sustainability in the villages with:

  1. water availability,
  2. self-sufficiency for the villagers,
  3. personality development and environmental awareness for the next generation,
  4. planting multi-purpose trees in the villages’ surroundings.

The project consists of: