About Us

Sukh Bhumi is a Non-Governmental Organisation created in 2005, based on experience built up through the direction and execution of environmental rehabilitation and community development projects in Maharashtra (India).

Sukh Bhumi is registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has a branch organisation, Sukh Bhumi India Trust, registered in Thane, Maharashtra, India.


  • Krishna Dave, M.Sc. Environment

Core staff:

  • Dr. Claire Elouard, Ph.D. Ecology
    Executive Director. Started the project in India. 12 years of
    scientific experience in academic research in forest ecology and
    pathology in Indonesia, Malaysia and South India; experience in
    teaching ecology and environment to children and adults.
  • Sapana Ghodvinde, Diploma in Agriculture
    Adult Education and Farming Training Officer, in charge of the social
    and training programme for women.